Continue with us in our study of Hebrews with Chapter 4.

This is the study we’re currently doing on Wednesday nights at Washington Pike United Methodist Church. The first half of this introduction covers how to study the Bible and the second half introduces us to the Book of Acts.

Hebrews Chapter 3 Audio

Chapter 3 has now been uploaded and is ready for listening or downloading.

Exciting News!

Check out our new Blog Page – Audio Bible Studies. I will continue to add links as I am able to record lessons and get them uploaded. Bookmark the page and check back often, or follow us on SoundCloud

I’ll warn you – I have a “Southern Appalachian” accent and I make no apologies for it 🙂 But I hope you enjoy them and learn from them.

And hey – let me know what you think!

Join us in our study of Hebrews. This is the introduction. If you like this teaching, please follow Prayerlogue on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Audio teaching test

This is my first attempt at uploading audio teaching. This is being done through SoundCloud – so let’s see how it works. If you like what you hear, you may want to “follow” me on SoundCloud as Prayerlogue – or follow my blog where I will also post the teaching.


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