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The Chapter 10 lesson has been uploaded to SoundCloud. I hope you’re enjoying these lessons. I’d love to hear if you’re being encouraged by these audio lessons.


Hebrews Chapter 10

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As we come upon Holy Week, this is our last lesson in the series “From Supper to Sunrise”.

This lesson will give us a look at what happened “the day after” Jesus was crucified and then takes us right into the sunrise of Sunday morning.  In this lesson we will examine the sequence of events and the reconciling of supposed contradictions of the Resurrection story. The questions that we will cover in this last lesson are:

  • Who were the women at the cross?
  • And probably one of the most difficult of all to answer – Why did Jesus have to die?

Lesson six

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Lesson Five

Lesson five examines six interrogations or trials that Jesus underwent during the wee hours of Friday morning before the crucifixion; how each one of them was actually an illegal trial, and how these trials relate to us today. This lesson will lead us to ask:

  • What kind of trials am I facing today?
  • How does Jesus know what I’m dealing with?

Also remember – the number “6” is the number of man. All these trials were brought about by “man”.

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Today I uploaded 3 audio lessons to SoundCloud , These are:

Hebrews Chapter 8

Acts 2:1-14

Acts 2:14-47

You can subscribe to SoundCloud to be notified when new lessons are uploaded, or check out the audio lessons here on this blog 

As always I appreciate your sharing these lessons and I appreciate your comments. Thanks!

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Have you ever cried out for God to let a “cup” pass you by? Have you ever had to say, “Thy Will Be Done”? This week’s lesson looks at what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane.


Audio Lesson

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The audio lesson for Hebrews Chapter 7 has now been uploaded to SoundCloud. I would love for you to share these studies, and especially to receive your feedback.


Hebrews Chapter 7 audio lesson

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Continuing the study from the Book of Hebrews – here is the chapter 6 audio lesson.

Hebrews Chapter 6

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The teaching from Hebrews 5 is now available for listening on SoundCloud.

Hebrews Chapter 5

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This audio introduces the series.


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Starting into this Lenten season, my son Johnny Newman (even with a week old baby) has gotten this first lesson “The Last Supper” uploaded to Youtube. Please listen, comment and share. Let’s see where God takes this new endeavor!

Lesson One – The Last Supper


For some really great Lenten music visit listen here

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