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Those of you who subscribe to this blog know that I certainly don’t inundate you with too many blog posts! LOL! My last post was more than 6 months ago. I always keep meaning to post something – but contrary to John Denver’s words of “Life on the farm is kinda laid-back…” here on our farm, life is non-stop! With full time writing and teaching of Bible studies, for three groups per week, plus a Sunday morning lesson, plus grandchildren and farm-life – well – this blog often got left behind.

Like everyone else, however, life changed in March. Our Women’s Bible Study group halted, as did church (for about 6 weeks – we’re back at it now!) But since my husband retired at the end of 2019, our farm life actually got busier. But, I think I am beginning to get a handle on things (at least until the garden starts coming in, that is). But, there is a reason that I wanted to make this blog post now.

Since our Women’s Bible study group halted, many of the women were missing a Bible study like we were doing – which is a “verse-by-verse” type of study through Books of the Bible. I kept trying to figure out a way to continue doing that online – but just didn’t have the equipment or strength of internet connection to do it. So – what I decided to do was share a daily (M-F) devotional/Bible study in various formats. I post these on our East Knox Women’s Bible Study Connection group on Facebook, as well as on my own twitter feed. I am also sending these via e-mail. If you would be interested in receiving them, please e-mail me at bnprayerlogue(at)cs(dot)com. (This is written this way to avoid bots.)

I began sending these to the women on our Bible study e-mail list, and many of them have requested that I add friends or relatives of theirs to the list. I’d love to have you join us. These are called “Your Morning 30”. They are around 30 minutes long (+/-). Since I am not an early riser (any longer) I usually send these out and post them late the night before. We have gone through the Books of James and Ruth already, but if you would like to hear those lessons, they are posted on separate pages on this blog.


I hope you are weathering the pandemic well. There is only One in Whom we have Hope. I pray that you listen often for His voice.




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I’ve just finished uploading the last of the audio lessons from the Book of James. You can access them on the Audio Bible Study Page for James

I hope you enjoy them!

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For your Lenten listening enjoyment The Great Mistrial


This CD will take you from the depths of the Garden of Gethsamane to the heights of the Ascension! Download it today!

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It takes me longer to get dressed in the mornings than it used to… not because I am older and slower (which I am) but because there is so much more to do!

In the 70’s, before we had children, I learned to begin each day by putting on the Armor of God – you know – the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the Gospel of peace, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith and finally, picking up the sword of the Spirit – which is the Word of God. I even prayed the armor over my husband – not that he couldn’t dress himself, but because he faced a lot of battles every day. But, I did that every morning – and it was quick.

Then, in the 80’s, our boys came along – and being the mother – I dressed them every morning until they got big enough to dress themselves. But, no matter how big they got, I dressed them in the armor every day – because – what if they forgot?

Today, I’m not only a mother, I’m a Mamaw, and I have many more people to dress! I still pray for, and dress our sons in the armor every morning. And, I pray for and dress our daughters-in-law in the armor, because I love them so – but now there are also grandbabies to dress in the armor!

There is Jude in his “onesie-size” armor and Carson in his “rough and tumble – extra padded, and laced up tight” armor. And all this dressing takes time. So yeah – it takes me longer to get dressed in the mornings than it used it – but it’s not a burden – it’s a blessing… and I love it!


Perhaps you may want to get dressed, and dress your family. Here’s how The Armor of God May God bless your day and your family!

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What if things don’t turn out the way you expected?

I love the story about Paul found in Acts 16:6 and following. On his second missionary journey Paul wanted to go south into Asia (modern day Turkey) but he was “forbidden” by the Holy Spirit to go there. Next he tried to go north into Mysia, but again the Holy Spirit “prevented” him from going.

Wanting to seek new areas to preach, Paul and his companions continued to head west. Like being guided through a gauntlet, they wound up at Troas with the Aegean Sea staring them in the face. Should they cross over onto the continent of Europe? No one had taken the gospel there yet. Should they try, or would the Holy Spirit stop them again?

That night Paul had a vision/dream. It was a man from Macedonia calling, “Come over here and help us!” Paul took that as a sign from God to cross over and continue the spread of the Gospel!

The next day Paul and his companions set out for the Macedonian countryside. After traveling through a couple of smaller cities, they finally came to Phillipi, the leading city of Macedonia.

Now get this – Paul had been specifically directed by the Holy Spirit to go to Macedonia. The message was unmistakenly clear (or so he thought). What do you suppose he expected to find there? I think he expected a host of people receptive to the Gospel message. I think he was so excited to get there that he could hardly contain himself!

But what did he actually find there? Women. Just a group of women having a prayer meeting by the riverside! There weren’t even enough Jewish men in Phillipi to have a synagogue! Just a few women, and most of them were Gentile converts!

Every morning, orthodox Jewish men would get up and thank God that they weren’t tax collectors, Gentiles, or women – and here were two out of the three! What must Paul have thought? This was certainly NOT what he expected! Did he question God? Did he question his understanding of the call? We don’t know what went through Paul’s mind, but this is what he did – he preached the Gospel to the women AND he baptised Lydia and her whole household, and set out to share the Gospel from there.

We read later in Philippians how special this group of people were to him. Though as a whole they were very poor, the churches of Macedonia (the Thessalonians and the Philippians) did more to sustain and support Paul’s travels than anyone else.

Maybe he questioned what he found when he got there, but God’s plan was perfect!

Maybe you’re questioning where you are today. Maybe you’re wondering if you heard God correctly – but God’s plan is perfect and it will always be for the glory of the kingdom. The real question must be – am I willing to be submissive to His will… or will He have to find another?

Perhaps you are, where you are, for such a time (and mission) as this…

God I pray for those who have said, “this is not what I expected”. Strengthen and encourage them moment by moment that Your will is perfect, and that You will supply their every need as it arises. You won’t provide tomorrow’s provision today – but you meet today’s need – today.

Thank You and we praise You. In Jesus’ Name – Amen.


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Today the Supreme Court is hearing arguments as to whether same-sex marriage will be viewed as a civil right or a choice. If it is granted as a civil right – those who believe in the Authority of Scripture will begin to be persecuted as never before in our wildest dreams. You may call me an alarmist – but mark these words down and see if I am right. I certainly hope I am wrong.


If it becomes law – I believe it will be by God’s hand of judgment on a people who have denied the Authority of God’s Word. Fast and pray that God’s Hand of judgment may be averted. We will not receive the answer until sometime in June. Do not grow weary in your praying.

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On this special day I want to share this song from our son’s new CD released today “The Great Mistrial” which traces the events of Jesus’s life from His arrest to His Ascension.





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In digging through some old folders and notebooks, I came across the following, tucked away in a spiral bound notebook, written around 2003…

I want to teach a “Bible” study – not a “theme” study, or a “topic” study, but a “Bible” study.

I want to teach the Word of God – a systematic, through the Bible teaching that incorporates the “inter-connectedness” of the whole Bible. For instance, in teaching the Old Testament, we would cover New Testament implications, and in teaching the New Testament, we would discover Old Testament truths and prophecies.

Isaiah (5:13) and Hosea (4:6) both said that the people will die for lack of knowledge. We MUST teach knowledge which will lead to wisdom, and realize that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of [both] knowledge and wisdom”. (Proverbs 1:7; Psalm 111:10)


And now 15 years later – I am doing just that. Wow. Thanks be to God for giving me this passion and dream.

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As I continue to sort through old devotionals, I found this one from 2009.


How does intercessory prayer overcome free will?


I spent the morning praying for a friend’s child and their struggles. I prayed that “today” would be a good day, because I know (from long personal experience) that that is how you survive the struggle. You pray for “today” and then tomorrow you pray for “today” as well… and you keep on praying for “today” until that particular battle becomes a skirmish, and that skirmish becomes something that you talk about in the past tense, while praying for the conflict that the new day brings (because every day brings one of its own, as Matthew 6:34 teaches.)

I prayed this morning for a loved one with a struggle, and for a friend whose husband has cancer – very serious cancer… I prayed for her strength and courage “today.”

I prayed for some I know who have made poor choices, that are now being covered by lies and deception, and for others who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities, and for those who are just plain afraid.

But, I kept coming back to “how does intercessory prayer overcome free will?” If my friend’s child chooses to turn away; if my own loved one chooses to react; if my friend chooses to give in, or allows fear to take control of her life… how does my intercessory prayer change anything?

How does intercessory prayer “make” someone tell the truth or give someone a way out, or keep someone from fear?

And the answer is – I don’t really know. All I know for sure is – there have been times in my own life when the only way I made it through was in knowing that someone was praying for me. I remember distinctly driving down the interstate (I can picture it in my mind, even today) and thinking, “Georgia and Ruby said that they were praying for me… that will get me through today…”

So, maybe I should let them know that they are being prayed for… Maybe that’s where intercessory prayer gets its power. Maybe just being reminded that even if you’re powerless; even if you’re the one on “the stretcher” that you still have friends that are willing to carry you to Jesus, tear off the rooftop, and lower you down to Him… Maybe that’s where the power really is.

We just need to allow Him to deal with the sin or the heartache or the pain or the fear. I don’t have to (and in fact, can’t) “fix it.” But He can, and will… I only have to pray.

I still don’t know how intercessory prayer overcomes free will. But then, I don’t have to understand – I only have to pray.


And Father, I do pray, today… and leave it in Your hands. In Jesus’ Name – Amen.

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I just learned that Rod McKuen passed away this week. I was introduced to his work in 1972 by my high school art teacher. It forever changed my life in ways that affect me, even today.

In 2003 I read his autobiography “Finding My Father” and in the “age of the internet” decided to try to contact him. I e-mailed him and he replied! And not only did he reply – he wrote a lengthy e-mail with very encouraging words and advice on my writing.

A lot is happening in my life along those lines that I don’t have time to get into right now – but I did want to share this poem. This is entirely differently from the things I normally post on this blog – but perhaps it shouldn’t be – because this is real life. And all of our faith and prayers affect our “real lives”.

This was written in 2003, at a time of great personal struggle. I was 49 years old and was caring for my parents, (my mother near death) my husband’s parents, (his mother had Alzheimer’s) two teen-age sons, living on a farm AND running a very busy caning business… To say I was stressed was an understatement.

Then I wrote this…

Reading Rod McKuen


I haven’t really read Rod McKuen since high school

more than 25 years ago.

I’ve changed

or life

has changed so much.

I’m a wife now

and mother

and business owner

and caregiver

but I don’t know where “I” have gone.


My children would be shocked to know

what a complicated woman

their Mother was



I think

my Mother thought

that I was an idealistic and naïve youth.

And maybe I was.

But I felt things so deeply.



And now,

my life is so full

that there’s no time to feel

only react.

Each day runs into the next

and a moment’s guard let down

wrecks havoc with a schedule.


Even making love

becomes a 10:30 thing

take it or leave it.

And even at that

you wonder

will the kids hear us….


So what if they do?

They should be proud

that after 25+ years of marriage

their parents

still find one another desirable.


Someday they’ll learn

that it’s so much more than desire.

That to hold

and be held

is sanity.


when it’s a 10:30 thing

And I haven’t read Rod McKuen

since high school….



Betty J. Newman © 2003


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