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From my 40+ years in the art and craft world, I have a lot of friends who are not believers and some who are even out right antagonistic toward faith in Jesus Christ. But still – I love them.

What really hurts is when they hurt with a hopelessness that cannot be healed in this world. I strive to convey that there is a Word of Hope available to them, and I try very hard to share it with a non-judgmental compassion – a compassion born through (as the KJV puts it) “bowels of mercy”.

The Hebrew idiom “bowels of mercy” or “bowels of compassion” means to feel emotion. When we’re excited, or nervous, or afraid, where do we feel it? Right – in our stomachs! Or as some would say, “in our gut”. So, to have compassion with “bowels of compassion” means that I don’t just feel compassion for you – I feel compassion with you – that I feel it in the pit of my stomach. That’s how I hurt for them – and that’s how I pray for them.


Gracious Lord and Creator God, I lift to You those who are hurting – who don’t know You, or worse – don’t care about You. What a hopelessness they must feel to have no faith in a Father who loves them and has prepared an eternal home for them. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to face an end (my own or a loved one’s) without the Hope of a new beginning.

You have taken the stinger out of death, and snatched the victory from the grave through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You have conquered hopelessness and redeemed the sinner by the cross and set forth righteousness through the life of the only Righteous One.

We can’t avoid the pain of losing a loved one, but we need never feel hopeless. Thanks be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for our salvation and our comfort. We pray Lord, draw them unto Yourself, and in Your mercy, pour out Your grace upon them, and give them peace.

In the Name of the Prince of Peace I pray – Amen.


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