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This is a prayer from the farm, written one late summer evening…


Father, as I sit out here on the back porch, I realize how blessed we are – how very blessed I am. As all I hear are the birds twittering, squirrels chattering, jar flies – well, jarring, and dogs barking in the distance. I think about what I don’t hear. I don’t hear families fighting, people cursing, tires squealing, or sirens wailing. I don’t hear babies and children crying from fear or hunger. And I have never, ever, heard a gun shot in anger.

I can’t even imagine hearing machine guns, tanks, or bombs.

Oh God, my heart aches for those who do…

Even our animals are blessed. Our dog moves from one spot to another and emits a low moan as she flops down. The cat stretches and begins to clean himself, without a worry (if cats worry) about where his next meal is coming from.

If our horses are injured, we don’t hesitate, we call the vet. And Father, I know there are those who can’t even call a doctor if their child is ill.  Are we wrong for what we have? Should we, like those in the early church in Jerusalem, sell our possessions and give to those who have nothing?

Or should we just be more responsible stewards, and more thankful for our wealth (and that is, what it is – wealth) and these great blessings that You’ve given us.

Father, show us what You would have us do…


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