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As I was preparing to write the Bible study for tonight, I began thinking, “Why do we do this?” Why do we study, using the methods that we do – and by that I mean – studying straight through a book instead of studying topically – studying, searching for a specific answer? Why is it important to learn the setting and the context? Why don’t we just drop in on this verse and that verse (as is so popular today) – why do we study it straight through? “You know”, I thought, “We could get a lot more people into our study if we gave it a catchy title or sought to ‘scratch a particular itch’”.

But the more I thought the more I began to realize that we do this; we study like this because we seek to understand what the Bible says as a whole. We seek to study the “real thing” so that we can spot the counterfeit.

Jesus said that in the last days many would come “In My Name claiming, ‘I am the Christ’”. The words “the Christ” are in italics in most Bibles indicating that these words were not in the original manuscripts. What Jesus said was, “Many will come in My Name claming ‘I Am’”. (And we all know the significance of the words “I Am”…)

But, as I thought of His word, the first phrase struck me – “Many will come in My Name…” Isn’t that true today? Don’t many hold to His Name while living completely unholy or unbiblical lifestyles? And if they are questioned in any way – they immediately jump into “Don’t you dare judge me” mode.

I read an article recently comparing two “Christians”. One came from a missionary home and was known for praying often (regardless of where he was) and living a lifestyle that supported abstinence and purity. This one was also known for quietly caring for others and meeting needs without fanfare.

The other was described as coming from a very poor home, being baptized as a child, but leaving that church for another, and then another. This one was known for having many religious tattoos, a party life-style and having a series of live-in girlfriends. This one gave away large amounts of money to very public endeavors.

The tone of the article ridiculed the first “Christian” and praised the second for being so “vocal” in his Christianity…

My question is – which one of these ‘Christians” lived their lives based on the Bible? Which one actually lived his life “in Jesus’ Name” and which one claimed to live his life “in Jesus’ Name”?

The only way to know that is to learn what the Bible really has to say – verse-by-verse. And that’s why we do this…

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The Privilege of the Word

Father, as I behold Your Word before me, I am in awe of the privilege that You’ve given me – and not only the privilege Lord, but the responsibility as well. GOD! This is Your WORD! Men and women have died to make this Word available to me; and what am I doing with it? I feel such a weight – such a burden to share it – to teach it – to give others the “want-to” to read it for themselves. (But who do I think I am to do that?)

Father, most of the people I know and associate with know the stories – we’ve heard them all our lives, but Lord, we don’t really “know” the stories. They are “fairy tales” – we don’t know what they are saying to us – what You are saying to us…

Father, we don’t “read what we read.” Even if we take the time to actually read Your Word, we don’t look at the words, we don’t dig for the meaning, and we think… (God forgive us) we think we already know… and so, we don’t listen, either.

What is the context, Lord? We can’t just take bits and pieces here and there and expect to really hear You. What is it they call it Lord, “proof text?” That we can “prove” anything in the world we want to prove, and say anything we want to say, (and make Your Word say anything we want it to say) if we just take Your Word away from its Holy Spirit inspired place and setting – away from its context?

Our children are woefully ignorant of Your Word. Our churches are woefully ignorant of Your Word, and You’ve said, “My people will perish for lack of knowledge…” No Lord, ignorance isn’t “bliss” – it’s as dangerous as a rattlesnake… or should I say “serpent…”

Lord, hear my cry. Lord, feel this anxiety that grips the pit of my stomach. Lord, see my aching heart. And show me what to do.


In Jesus’ name – Amen.


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Heavenly Father, as I look at my Bible in front of me this morning, I marvel at a great mystery; not what it took to write it; not at the wonder of Divine Inspiration; not at the thought of the masses who’ve given their very lives for its preservation; and not even (for now) at the marvelous truths which You’ve given us…No, the great mystery I ponder, and indeed the matter that weights my heart is the question of, why do those, even those who call themselves Your children and followers, why don’t they read it? Why is there no desire to read Your Word – no yearning to know Your message?

Oh, some do their “devotions.” They read a passage, or a verse and a little “devotional” about that passage, but so few actually read… the… Bible… itself. Why is that, Lord? Do we just not know where to start? Is it just too overwhelming to think about? So many people say they love You, and yet know nothing about You (other than what someone told them.)

When I fell in love with my (future) husband, I wanted to know all about him – his likes, his dislikes, where he was born, all about his family… How Lord, can we say we love You when we know nothing about You – and have no desire to learn…? We don’t know Your history, we don’t know Your people, we don’t know anything about the very place in the entire universe where You have carved Your name… (literally).

Father, I think the greatest gift You’ve given me (aside from my salvation) is the passion and desire to know You more fully. You’ve given me an insatiable appetite to read Your Word, and to share it with others. Oh that I might be able to do that in such a way as to spark an interest. Once an interest is “sparked” then the flame” can be fanned. And once the “flame” is fanned, more “fuel” can be added, and as the “fuel” is added, a “blaze” appears. And when the “blaze” appears, it sucks in oxygen. And as oxygen is sucked in, the fire grows. And as the fire grows the “sparks shoot upward” and shower onto neighboring “hearts” and once again, interests are sparked, and flames can be fanned, and the process is begun again.

Oh Dear Father – that those who love You would seek Your Face… That is my prayer today..

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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