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And yet another break from the book journey – but after talking with a friend this morning – I wrote the following…

Whispering Hope

My husband (my best friend) and I have been married more than 40 years, and like most couples that have been married that long – there have been times of great joy. There have been the births of babies and now grand-babies. There has been the excitement of baptisms, birthdays, holidays, vacations and the deep beauty and satisfaction of living on the farm – but still there have also been some very difficult times that required faith. There have been struggles – both financial and physical – as well as times of uncertainty. Almost all of our ancestors have “gone home” along with many dear church family and friends. I say all that to share a word for those who are facing some dark days.

When we had been married one year (almost to the day) – Joe suffered a detached retina. This was in the days where detached retinas required immobilization and very serious surgery. In Joe’s case the first surgery did not work… neither did the second surgery and all throughout he was required to lie flat on his back (no pillow) with both eyes taped shut. We were barely 22 years old… and terrified.

But through prayer (and we believe, a miracle) he was healed. There was some vision loss, but he was healed. And we praised God. (How it all transpired is a looong story! But if you’d like to know the whole story – I’d be happy to share it with you.)

When our first son was born, I simultaneously contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I went over two weeks without any treatment as the doctors could not figure out why my fever was spiking to 105°. The doctors were amazed that I lived… another miracle.

When that baby boy was 20 years old – he decided to take up bull riding… he subsequently ended up in the hospital, in ICU after having been stepped on. Joe and I were much older at this point than the scared 22 year olds… but we were still scared.

At one point we thought we were going to lose him and I prayed this prayer – I said, “Lord, You know how much we love this boy… and… I really would like to keep him, Lord, but he was Yours before he was mine.– and if it is Your will to take him home – then – Your will be done…” (He lived, and is now a daddy, himself!)

During his stay in the hospital I was there every day, and his dad was there every night. We live about 25 miles from the hospital and on every trip – to and from – I listened to a cassette titled “The Troublemaker” by Willie Nelson. It’s a collection of old gospel hymns (yeah I know… Willie Nelson? Lol)

One of the hymns that gave me strength for this trial was “Whispering Hope”. These are the lyrics:

Soft as the voice of an angel

Breathing a lesson unheard

Hope, with her gentle persuasion

Whispers a comforting word.

“Wait, till the darkness is over

Wait, till the tempest is done

Hope, for the sunshine tomorrow

After the darkness in gone.”



Whispering hope,

Oh how welcome, Thy voice

Making my heart

In its sorrow, rejoice.


Verse 2 (“Hope” continues to speak)

“If, in the dusk of the twilight

Dimmed be the region afar

Will not the deepening darkness

Brighten the glittering star?”

“Then when the night is upon us

Why should the heart sink away?

When the dark midnight is over

Watch for the breaking of day.”


Whispering hope,

Oh how welcome, Thy voice

Making my heart

In its sorrow, rejoice.


If you’re going through a difficult time now when it seems that the “dark midnight” will never end – find something – a song; a scripture; a dream – something to hold to, to carry you through.

When my husband was in the hospital for so long we saved the plastic silverware from every meal tray “for the day when we would go on picnics again”. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. “Hope with her gentle persuasion, whispers a comforting word…”


I am praying for you today… even for those whom I do not know – those who are sitting in a hospital room, or ICU lounge, or hooked up to an IV for your chemo or making funeral arrangements… I lift you up today. May God bring you hope.


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