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A dear friend called me yesterday morning and said, “I just wanted you to know, in light of your new ministry announcement, I am praying extra hard for you. I know when we start something new, or are serving God, the enemy’s attacks become stronger. I’m praying for a hedge of protection around you and your family…”

Wow! I SO appreciated that phone call! I hadn’t really thought about it much, but she’s right. Sometimes the “attacks” are huge and debilitating, but more often, they are small annoyances which derail us or cause us to lose focus. So, with that, I would like to ask you to pray for me, my family and this new ministry. May God be glorified in it, and may through it many develop the desire to know God’s Word and to deepen their walk with Him.

We are entering the peak of the “mowing, gardening and canning” season here on the farm. Even though we love it and long to be good stewards of the farm – it is always a hard and busy time. Please pray for our physical strength; that we may get the work done and be able to sleep well and rest as needed.

When I ask you to pray for me – it’s not that there is some specific need or struggle – it’s just an on-going need to be uplifted in His strength and His patience. I appreciate so much the outpouring of encouraging words and support for this new ministry. It has been amazing.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for sharing the news, and thank you most of all for your prayers!



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The word “privilege” has been brandished around in the news media lately as if it is a bad thing. The word actually means “a gift” or “a privilege”. When we meet someone new they may say, “It’s nice to meet you”, and we might reply, “The privilege is all mine!”

A privilege is a gift for which one does nothing to deserve it.

We live on a farm. It has been in my husband’s family since the late 1700’s. We did not buy this farm, we have done nothing to deserve this farm. It is a PRIVILEGE to live here.

As I am sitting here early this morning I do not hear traffic or people or anger or conflict – I hear the birds singing and see the fog wafting through the valley. I feel a gentle breeze and smell the freshness of the morning. I do not deserve this – it is strictly a privilege – a gift that came simply by marrying a man who was born here.

Is it wrong for me to have privilege? No, but it is a great responsibility. On my Facebook page Newman Valley or on my blog with the same name, I often use the hashtag #farmstewardship because my husband and I feel that we are simply stewards of this great privilege, and we pray that God will direct us to use it to praise and serve Him.

In John 1:12 we read, “But to all who believed Him [Jesus] and accepted Him, He gave the right (the word can be translated “privilege”) to become children of God.”

Being a child of God is a privilege. It is a gift for which we do nothing to deserve it. Jesus paid the price for our free gift – but with that gift – that privilege – comes a great responsibility for He said, “To whom much is given – much is required”.

The context of that word (Luke 12:48) is the coming Day of the Lord. I do believe we are nearing that blessed Day and those of us who have privilege and even great privilege must be living and serving in a way that is commensurate to that gift for it is indeed a precious gift!

Gracious Lord, make me ever aware of the great gift of Your Love for Your Son sought me and bought me with His precious and redeeming blood.

While we live on this good earth, direct us to ever serve You in the fullest capacity of our ability – for You indeed are worthy – and we are not… we have simply been given the privilege of being called sons and daughters of God.

We thank and forever praise You – in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

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