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Cracked and Blemished Vessel

Oh my Father… I humbly bow in Your Presence. I am so in awe, Lord, of what You’ve allowed me to be a part of. I won’t say Lord, to “pour Your blessings on ‘this’ project, or ‘that’ ministry” but O Father, just lead me into whatever You’re already doing. I just want to “tag along” and see what wondrous works You’re doing!

I am so humbled, Lord at this precious gift You’ve given me. Oh God, it is so contained in such a cracked and blemished vessel, though. Jars of clay? God, I am not even “good” clay! But You’ve chosen to put me on the shelf with the good china.

I should be pushed to the back of the cupboard. I’m not polished, or smooth; my color has faded and time has eroded out any “good lines” I may have ever had, but You still use me… more now than ever before…

You bring me out when company comes and allow me a spot on the serving table. God! I am so thankful!

My prayer, my Father, is help me to look beyond my imperfections and see what You see. Give me that wisdom that is supposed to come with age, and allow me to serve anywhere You choose to place me. From the highest to the lowest, from offering a cup of cool water, all the way back up to the head table at a banquet, wherever You place me in service, may I “pour” out what You have placed within.

Father, I humbly pray this in the name of the One who rescued me from the garbage heap, Who washed me out and cleaned me up, and put me on Your shelf – in Jesus’ name – Amen.



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