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The Privilege of the Word

Father, as I behold Your Word before me, I am in awe of the privilege that You’ve given me – and not only the privilege Lord, but the responsibility as well. GOD! This is Your WORD! Men and women have died to make this Word available to me; and what am I doing with it? I feel such a weight – such a burden to share it – to teach it – to give others the “want-to” to read it for themselves. (But who do I think I am to do that?)

Father, most of the people I know and associate with know the stories – we’ve heard them all our lives, but Lord, we don’t really “know” the stories. They are “fairy tales” – we don’t know what they are saying to us – what You are saying to us…

Father, we don’t “read what we read.” Even if we take the time to actually read Your Word, we don’t look at the words, we don’t dig for the meaning, and we think… (God forgive us) we think we already know… and so, we don’t listen, either.

What is the context, Lord? We can’t just take bits and pieces here and there and expect to really hear You. What is it they call it Lord, “proof text?” That we can “prove” anything in the world we want to prove, and say anything we want to say, (and make Your Word say anything we want it to say) if we just take Your Word away from its Holy Spirit inspired place and setting – away from its context?

Our children are woefully ignorant of Your Word. Our churches are woefully ignorant of Your Word, and You’ve said, “My people will perish for lack of knowledge…” No Lord, ignorance isn’t “bliss” – it’s as dangerous as a rattlesnake… or should I say “serpent…”

Lord, hear my cry. Lord, feel this anxiety that grips the pit of my stomach. Lord, see my aching heart. And show me what to do.


In Jesus’ name – Amen.


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Today I lift up teachers.
As it is coming close to the end of the school year, I lift you up in prayer. As you struggle with students who are thinking of everything but school, I pray for continued success in the classroom. I know you, you care deeply about your “work” (I know it should more appropriately be called your “calling.”) And so, I pray for you.

I pray for the students that you are concerned about – the ones who are failing as well as the ones who are just not living up to their potential. I pray that God may use you to reach them, or give you comfort in doing the best you could have done.

I pray for tensions in the schools, whether in yours or surrounding schools, for tension in any creates tension in all. I pray for those students whose lives are filled with the tension that they bring to school. Perhaps it’s family oriented, or perhaps it’s internal, and the family is as concerned as you are – whichever, I pray for these kids.

I pray for you as an individual. I know that you are “real people” too, and have issues and other concerns outside of the schoolhouse. I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom in dealing with your struggles. I also pray for your praises – those things that bring you great joy. You give so much; you should be filled with joy.

And I pray for your prayers. May God hear the questions of your mind and give you wisdom. May God hear the cries of your heart and give you peace.

In the Name of the One who was called “Great Teacher” (oh teacher, what a noble profession and model you have chosen to follow.)
In His name I pray, Amen.


Except for the part about the school year coming to a close, this prayer could be prayed every day for teachers. I originally wrote this prayer about 10 years ago when our boys were still in school. Today, they are grown men with sons of their own. Oh – and one of them is married to a school teacher!

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