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Since Pentecost Sunday a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been singing the chorus of “Spirit of the Living God” at our church which goes,

“Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.

Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me.

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me”.


I cannot sing the song without my hands outstretched in open submission.


Last night as I was about to go to sleep I was praying and thinking of the words of this song. Every time I sing it, I can visualize being melted down into a puddle, then turned on a potter’s wheel while the Potter molds me into a usable vessel. I “see” liquid being poured into my vessel and then being put into service.

As that image was going through my mind I “heard” this question – “Are you sure you want to be melted…? You do know, don’t you, that melting takes away ‘you’ so that you can be reformed and ‘molded’ anew. Plus… it might hurt…”

I thought about it a few moments… Do I want to be… am I willing to be… melted?

And so I said, “Lord, I belong to You. If you choose to ‘melt’ me, what choice do I have? You are the potter, I am the clay. Am I going to tell You what to do? Plus, I know, that if You ‘melt’ me it will be all good, even if it doesn’t look so great at the time.”

Then in my mind, I sang the song again, and gave my will to God. It’s all His anyway. It’s all good, for sure.



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Another gem from about 10 years ago…


I Saw a Little Worry

I saw a little worry the other day – it wasn’t very big – not enough to bother God with – so I just picked it up, stuck it in my pocket, and went on my way…

A day or so later, I ran across a concern, but I just threw it over my shoulder and traveled on…

The same with a care, it wasn’t much to bear – or so I thought…

As time passed, I collected several more cares, concerns and worries. They didn’t seem like much at each particular incident, but after a while, I began to notice that I’d picked up quite a collection – quite a load.

These distresses began to be a burden. They started gaining weight, and inter-marrying, and multiplying until they completely overwhelmed my life! They were there when I went to sleep, and there when I woke up. And sometimes they even invaded my slumber.

They swung from the rafters and hid under the bed. They perched on my shoulders and played tag in my head.

Ultimately, I reached the point of sheer exhaustion and utter despair. Then finally, I cried out to God, “HERE! YOU TAKE IT! I CAN’T HANDLE THEM ANYMORE!

And God said, “My child, why did you wait so long? Did you not know that I would have taken every worry, every care, and every concern right from the beginning – no matter how small?”

And I thought, “Yes, Lord, I know…”

And I wonder why do we do that; when He is more willing to speak than we are to listen; when He is more willing to give than we are to receive; when He is more willing to save than we are to serve? Why do we think we can do it all – when in reality, we can do nothing…

And so I vowed to take Him everything – every hurt and every pain, every mar and every stain, and every joy and delight, every thrill and every height of wonderment – everything!

For He is Lord – He is Yahweh – He is Jehovah-Jireh, and He will provide… Amen…

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